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Library vs Custom Collection LiDAR

LiDAR Library Data is essentially LiDAR data that a company or organization has already collected, and it can be used by anyone who purchases or obtains rights to it from that company. Engineers or project planners may opt to purchase and utilize LiDAR Library Data due to budget or time constraints.

Here are pros and cons to this type of downloadable data service.


  • As it is previously collected data owned by the company who gathered it, it is typically sold at a lower price, as it can be re-sold several times to different clients.
  • Since the data has already been collected it can generally be downloaded easily, often available to the client the next day
  • Large areas can be obtained for a comparatively low cost.


  • As there is often a minimum area size that must be purchased for download, the client might end up paying for excess areas that they would not need.
  • The data may be older or out-dated, and if so it may be missing key changes to the landscape that would affect the client’s overall project. An update might not be available for years
  • Since the data is previously collected from past flights it might not include all the areas that the clients need, essentially leaving gaps.

Based on a client’s project requirements or parameters LiDAR Library data may or may not be suitable for some projects. If it were not, then new aerial LiDAR data would have to be collected.

Not long ago that option may have been cost prohibitive, but that is no longer the case. As LiDAR technology and processes continue to evolve and improve, then budget and time constraints need no longer prevent the collection of new, relevant data. Due to these advances in LiDAR technology and processes SkyTech Solutions is able to offer an innovative and cost-effective service: Multi-Temporal aerial LiDAR collection for custom areas. This service is distinctive because it offers clients new benefits in order to overcome the shortcomings of Library LiDAR Data and traditional custom aerial LiDAR collection:

  • The client can arrange to re-collect data at set time intervals, as required, to ensure that they always have the most up-to date data
  • As this service is customizable, the client can ensure that data is gathered for their area of interest only, not extraneous additional areas simply because of minimum area requirement.
  • The client retains ownership of the data, rather then purchasing shared data.
  • New technology and processes have culminated in a fast turn-around time, so that time constraints present less of an issue to gathering and delivering new data to clients
  • The cost of collection cost will be comparable to the cost of downloadable data

At Skytech we are very excited to be a part of these remote sensing technological advances and processes. If you would like to learn more about how LiDAR, or Multi-Temporal aerial LiDAR data collection can help you, please contact us.






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