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Bathymetry & Surface Hydrology

Underwater 3D geo-referenced point clouds at a higher density and accuracy compared to conventional methods

With the use of Unmanned Surface Vessels (USV) and sonar technology, Skytech is able to construct geo-referenced point clouds from which accurate water body volume estimations can be created. This is a safe and cost efficient alternative to manual or aerial Bathymetric surveys that may not be feasible for smaller water bodies.

We are also able to provide clients with one of the most advanced methods of visualizing river speed profiles. This data can be provided as 2 dimensional cross sections or 3 dimensional velocity fields. This data can be combined with LiDAR data to generate and analyze complete surfaces above and below the water surface.

Key Points
Common Applications
● 3D geo-referenced point clouds
● Accurate sub-surface modelling and volume estimations utilizing sonar technology
● 2D and 3D velocity profiling and water quality monitoring
● Volume estimations
● Digital Elevation Models (DEM’s)
● Feature extraction (Exposed piping, structures etc.)
● Sedimentation buildup calculations and modelling
● Water velocity profiling

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