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Spatial Data Processing

Scalable and flexible post processing resulting in maximized usability and value

Spatial data is only as useful as the information that can be extracted from it. SkyTech combines in-house software and strategic partnerships to offer a complete suite of services for utilization and manipulation of spatial data.

Customized Software

SkyTech customizes extraction software for surface features ranging from vegetation height and density to short lead time ground extraction and building foot print characterization.

Multi-Sensor Integration

Integration of various types of data can be performed to offer unique solutions. For example, bathymetric point clouds can be combined with aerial lidar data to obtain full 3-dimensional surface models of water bodies above and below the water surface. This can be applied to natural areas for water level studies as well as characterization of man-made water storage infrastructure (existing volume, max capacity for a given freeboard, etc.)

Advanced Earthworks

This information can be taken further to model changes to water bodies or native terrain in planning and engineering stages of new sites and assets. Complex cut/fill analysis and optimization can be quickly done for numerous cases, ensuring that project cost and time efficiency are optimized.

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence based feature extraction offers unmatched scalability and versatility for characterizing surface features. It is now possible to conduct extensive surface feature studies in a fraction of the time of conventional surveying, accelerating Pre-FEED and FEED stage projects and reducing cost.

Key Points
Common Applications
● Versatile suite of post processing capabilities
● Customizable point cloud manipulation and management software
● Artificial intelligence based feature extraction offering unapparelled scalability
● Advanced earthworks modelling
● Right of way vegetation encroachment monitoring
● Infrastructure routing and crossing scenario analysis
● Municipal and Industrial asset monitoring
● Vegetation height and density characterization

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