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Facility Mapping & Inspections

High accuracy 3D data for structural inspection, analysis and classification of existing facilities

SkyTech and partners utilize laser scanning where precise spatial information is required for equipment design, fitment and modeling. Laser point clouds can be converted to high accuracy 3D models that can be exported into industry standard CAD formats or industry standard GIS platforms.

Through utilization of UAV’s we also provide visual and thermal inspections. Equipped with thermal and high resolution cameras, UAV inspections have various applications and removes the need for conventional scaffolding, climbing equipment, operations shutdown or curtailment and personnel risk.

Key Points
Common Applications
● High density, millimetre level accuracy LiDAR data
● Scan existing piping, pipe racks, piles, vessels and equipment and incorporate into high accuracy 3D models
● Remote visual and thermal Inspections through the utilization of UAV
● Brownfield facility laser scanning and as-built
● Deformation monitoring
● Drawing verification
● Flare stack/Flare tip inspections
● Wind turbine inspections

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