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Aerial Photography & Photogrammetry

High resolution geo-referenced photos, providing aerial orthophotos, point clouds or 3D models

SkyTech offers both UAV-based and traditional aircraft based photogrammetry collection and processing. Aerial photogrammetry is an efficient mapping tool, providing highly detailed information even for larger areas. With a fast deployment and data collection rate, it exceeds conventional survey methods in both speed and accuracy.

The provided data is easily incorporated in modelling software for accurate measurements, cut & fill analysis, updating of facility plot plans and more. At SkyTech, we handle multiple sensors, such as visible, infrared and near infrared, to support a high number of potential applications.

Key Points
Common Applications
● Fast and cost-effective method of collecting geo-spatial data
● High resolution photogrammetric technology allows efficient data collection, even for larger areas
● Versatile data and modular sensors (Visible, infrared, and near infrared, etc.)
● High resolution orthomosaic
● Digital Elevation Models (DEM’s)
● Cut & Fill analysis and volumetric modeling
● Construction Planning
● Vegetation health analysis through multispectral imaging

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