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SkyTech Solutions is a technology company and we aim to help you leverage your data to the fullest extent. In the field of remote sensing and data processing, you can be sure SkyTech Solutions has you covered for all your custom requirements.

  • LAS 1.2 classification
  • Site modelling and cut/fill analysis
  • Drainage modelling
  • Line of site studies
  • AI based automated feature extraction


Deep Learning (AI)? We Are Your Data Scientists

Find the Information You Need. Fast.

Deep learning algorithms excel in data intensive applications, such as that in remote sensing. SkyTech Solutions and our partners can assist in creating custom solutions, built to identify what you need.

To better understand the process, the algorithm makes use of a “descriptor”. These descriptors are used to extract geo-spatial features and annotate our point cloud data in multi-dimensional space. As combinations of features continue to either be applied successfully, or unsuccessfully, the algorithm is able to self-learn which features are applicable more accurately than ever before.

The Applications are Endless

● Automated Feature Detection
● Live Monitoring and Logging
● Asset/Object Recognition
● Smart processing of complex information (geospatial, thermal, hyperspectral)
● Detection of encroachment and features which are “out of compliance”

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