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Geospatial Data With Powerful Insights.

We help you unlock the potential of geospatial data.

Our Services Spatial Data Collection & Processing

  • High Density LiDAR

    SkyTech specializes in high density LiDAR collection and processing, providing high quality data no matter where, and when it is needed. LiDAR data is unmatched with regard to data richness, point density and versatility.

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  • Spatial Data Processing

    Spatial data is only as useful as the information that can be extracted from it. SkyTech combines in-house software and strategic partnerships to offer a complete suite of services for utilization and manipulation of spatial data.

  • Aerial Photography & Photogrammetry

    SkyTech offers both UAV-based and traditional aircraft based photogrammetry collection and processing. Aerial photogrammetry is a fast and efficient mapping tool, providing highly detailed information even for larger areas.

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  • Bathymetry & Surface Hydrology

    SkyTech uses various sensors on manned and unmanned aquatic platforms in order to provide clients with a broad range of solutions. Our approach is flexible and can be applied to many different scenarios.

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  • Facility Mapping & Inspections

    SkyTech utilizes laser scanning where precise spatial information is required for equipment design, fitment and modeling. Through utilization of UAV’s we are also able to provide you with visual and thermal inspections.

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