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High Density LiDAR

Collection, processing, and utilization of accurate spatial information

SkyTech specializes in high density LiDAR collection and processing, providing high quality data no matter where, and when it is needed. LiDAR data is unmatched with regard to data richness, point density and versatility.

The use of UAV’s and traditional aircrafts, in conjunction with modern, low weight LiDAR sensors, allows us to operate efficiently with high mobility and fast data gathering. We also utilize mobile LIDAR or vehicle-based LIDAR to provide fast, high resolution results for large-scale projects with road access.

Through in-house Research and Development in hardware and software we are able to process data with the intent of extracting the information you need. Ultimately providing unique and custom solutions for a seamless integration in your company.

Key Points
Common Applications
● High density data gathering with comprehensive accessibility and mobility
● Unmatched effectiveness in forested areas due to vegetation penetration
● Versatile data allowing for an endless number of applications
● Feature extraction (Ground, Powerline, Buildings etc.)
● Digital Elevation Models (DEM’s)
● Advanced earth works modelling
● Right of Way Planning
● Vegetation studies

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